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Want to have a secure pool?- contact a professional pool inspector

Hiring a professional inspection service for a pool, inspection helps the home buyer and homeowners know about the condition of the pool and the mechanical process. A thorough check help to detect the issues and save you from future accidents and costly repairs.

Here you will get to know what kind of service a pool inspection can give you.

Inspection services you will get through a pool inspection

Is the pool safe?

A professional inspector checks all the safety aspects, which include ensuring the walkways around the pool so that the pool does not pose a hazard for slips and trips. A property inspector checks the fencing and latches, to make sure they are functioning perfectly.

Pool inspectors are not intended to make you sure that your outdoor space is in line with local laws and ordinances as they are related to pools. In this matter, you may have to look up yourself or with a code inspector. However, pool inspectors may be helpful on this topic, so never hesitate to ask them for information.

The tile and deck around the pool

Your pool deck is that portion where all the action happens. People love to relax by dipping their toes in by sitting on the edge of the pool. With a professional pool inspection service, you will get to know all the damages so that you can repair the faults. Make sure the inspector investigates the drainage system for rainfall and the tilts or pitches in the decking.

Inside of the pool

Does your pool have a vinyl liner inside it? Some pools have. These devices make sure that the water will keep inside the pool, and it does not seep out. One tear in the lining can ruin the pool, and it may cost an enormous amount of money to repair. There are other pools which have several types of plaster, a professional inspector checks the plaster to make sure that there is no crack and which could lead to a serious issue in the future.

The pool lightning

The inside light of the pool looks good. But it can cost some serious accidents if the lights are not checked properly. They check the electricity connection of the light bulbs very properly.

The pool accessories

Everyone love pools because it is a fun space. And these types of fun space needs have a diving board, fountain and many other accessories. And these accessories are useful only when they are clean and well maintained. Pool inspector actually checks the items to minimize the surprises in the future.

They check the diving boards and slides to identify any rust or deterioration leading to sharp edges that can cause injuries. Pool inspectors’ advises homeowners to remove these features to avoid potential risks and liability.

Keep in mind that it may be value it to pay a little more for a certified inspection service as we give. Our company The Inspection Agency has licenced and ensured inspectors to inspect the pool properly so you can enjoy the outdoors with your family.


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