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Testing for Methamphetamine / ICE

Keeping Your Family Safe

Meth Testing
  • Simple testing process

  • Swabs of kitchen /family

  • Extremely sensitive

  • Peace of mind

  • Family safety

Properties contaminated by Methamphetamine can pose serious health risk to inhabitants and evidence of contamination is not often visible.


If your new home has previously housed people smoking meth, or worse been a Meth "Ice" lab, you deserve to know so that you can take the right steps to have the contaminates removed professionally and protect your family.

Meth / Ice labs are now widespread in Australia and operate in many residential homes and you would be surprised to know it can be happening in ANY suburb in ANY home. Testing for the presence of Methamphetamine is fast becoming an accepted practice and may well soon be incorporated in all contracts of sale. 

Before purchasing a property, test for ice. If the results come back positive for toxic contamination you may well have a choice of decontaminating yourself, requesting the seller to undertake the process or cancel the contract under health and safety grounds.

Our surface swab testing process use latest technology test kits similar to that seen on TV to test for the presence of methamphetamine on surfaces. Our testing will measure down to a level of > 0.5 micrograms (μg) per 100cm2 which is considered the level of Meth that is unacceptable. 

Our Inspectors are trained and certified to MMC International B.V.standards and you will be issued with a Certificate of Analysis for Presumptive Forensic Narcotic Test for Methamphetamine. 

Government health authorities state that tests that are found to be not positive are always considered inconclusive. The same is true for professional testing. This means that if testing finds no meth, there is no guarantee that there is no meth present. If meth contamination is suspected, an industrial hygienist should be contracted to do further testing, regardless of the results of home tests.

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