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If you are buying your next home, preparing to sell or need an inspection ready for your next buyer to read prior to making a bid. The Inspection Agency is your place to go.

The Inspection Agency have a range of competitive and affordable Perth building inspection services all to the Australian Standards AS4349.1 which is the standard referred to in any REIWA contract of sale. Our reports are normally delivered same day as the inspection or at the latest within 24 hours of your inspection. All our Building Inspections include a 100% Money Back Guarantee and we are fully insured with $1m indemnity insurance so you can have peace of mind when selecting us for your Perth Property inspections that we meet all requirements by way of experience and qualification to obtain the insurance criteria.

Most REIWA purchase contracts require a Timber Pest Inspection to be conducted to the Australian Standards AS4349.3. Our Timber Pest inspectors are fully trained and licensed to conduct Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections. We are not a pest treatment company so there is absolutely no conflict of interest to "up sell" a pest treatment. Our interest is to provide the client with a quality non biased Timber Pest inspection and report. If we do find termites then of course we can recommend and arrange a treatment if so requested.

If a combined building AND timber pest inspection is ordered, we make every attempt to coordinate the inspections at the same time to provide that extra layer of inspection expertise and convenience to all parties.


When buying a home the Pool barrier and general Pool condition is not necessarily specifically included in your contract. And apart from your home it is probably the single most expensive asset on the property.

The Australian Standards AS4349-1 for pre purchase inspections specifically excludes pools spas and pool barriers so it is not a requirement for the building inspector to check. 

Pool Barrier regulations in WA fall under a separate Australian Standard AS1926.1-1993 and the Building Act 2011. While only your local municipal council can issue a pool safety certificate, The Inspection Agency team are fully trained for Pool Barrier inspections and Pool Condition reporting when completing a Perth Building Inspection. 

Our pool barrier and pool condition report will give you peace of mind, or something to take back to the seller via your agent to have rectified prior to settlement if it falls within your contract of sale. The last thing you want is a delay in settlement when these things are only picked up at you final inspection only days before settlement.


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