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Pre Purchase Home Inspections

The Inspection Agency are your pre purchase home inspection specialists located in Perth. Whether it be a newly built or existing home, The Inspection Agency have a service to fit your needs and budget.

Did you know there are Australian Standards for Pre Purchase Home and Pre Purchase Timber Pest inspections? These standards are referenced in the the standard REIWA offer to purchase contract. So when you engage your inspector, he or she needs to know exactly how to conduct the inspection and create a compliant report on the home you are buying.

As a consumer you will find it almost impossible to find a copy of the The Australian Standards AS4349.1-2007 for Building and AS4349.3-2010 for Timber Pest. They are only available through SAI Global at quite a considerable cost. In fact a lot of inspectors do not have a copy to refer to, or completely disregard the standards which are there to provide clarity of what should and should not be inspected and reported.

When you are buying a pre owned home it is exactly that, pre owned, pre loved and there will be general wear and tear. That is to be expected. What you need to know is if that crack in the wall or ceiling is a structural issue or just general settlement.

General maintenance items can be reported in an inspection report, but general maintenance is not necessarily something that the seller needs to repair! For example if a gutter is rusted and leaking, the replacement or repair of the gutter is a maintenance item which the seller is not responsible for. If however the leaking gutter has caused a structural timber in the roof to become moisture damaged and it is no longer performing the job it was designed to do, then that could be determined as a structural issue that the seller would need to fix.

You may also have added something specific in your offer that you would like checked, for example that the pool pumps etc are all operational. We can check all of that for you.

Having completed thousands of inspections for Western Australian Families we know exactly what is required and we move quickly to get your inspections completed and your reports to you so that your contractural obligations are met. Yes there is a time limit for your inspections to be completed and they do vary between contracts so be aware you may need to move quickly.

If we find an issue we will explain it to you, and your agent in simple terms so that everyone understands what is required to move the sale forward. After all that is what everyone wants.

The Inspection Agency

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