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Protect Your Investment: Choose The Right Property Inspector!

Thinking of buying a new home and want to hire a property inspector for pre-purchase inspection? Buying a house is one of the most important financial commitments you’ll be making in your life. So, it is significant that you take the correct steps towards selecting the correct investment for protecting yourself against any unexpected expenses.

Calling a professional must be included as part of your house purchase budget. That’s because without them it could be risky to buy a home as it may hide serious defects. A property inspection will make you aware of hidden damages or potential dangers of a property.

Finding the right property inspector can be challenging if you’re not aware of what you should look for. Here’re some things you must consider when hiring a property inspector.

Are they qualified?

This may seem to be an obvious query, but in Australia, there’re no formal qualifications necessary to execute a property inspection. This means that anybody with a business card can practice building inspection.

Take time to ask your property inspector about how long they are in this business. An experienced building inspector will understand the in’s and out’s of house construction. Licensed builders will have a license number and they must offer you this information.

Can they offer you a detailed inspection?

A thorough property inspection can take 30-90 minutes relying on the home size and the difficulty of problems. Generally, your inspector must look for:

  • Wall Cracks

  • Cavity dampness

  • leak and Mould stains

  • drainage, Leaks, and general plumbing problems like water pressure

  • Electrical faults

  • Working windows

  • tree rot, Low hanging trees, root travel

  • Rusting framework

  • Gates’ Structural integrity and other external structure

  • Structure of and retaining walls

  • pest infestation Signs

  • Roof integrity- rust, missing tiles, holes

Also, it’s significant to note that for an in-detail examination of pests you’ll need to get a separate Pest Inspection.

How much will their cost be?

You may have heard the saying, “You get what you pay for?”. Well, it applies to property inspection as well. It may be alluring to appoint a cheap inspector but it’s significant to consider the thoroughness and quality of the service.

Choosing a property inspector based only on price may cause cutting corners and can make you invest in the long run. So, a good idea will be to hire a reputed one that can offer you service at an affordable price.

The final thought

An easy way to avoid any unnecessary inspection surprises is to contact a trusted and building inspection service. As they are local, finding out their reputation will be easier. And, you can contact them anytime if something gets wrong.


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