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Stay Alert - Don't fall prey to these Building Inspection Nightmares

Certified home inspectors have the experienced eye and qualification to catch code violations and household damages before a home buyer gets stuck with them. Some problems are irritating. Such as dirty termites and filters, need to point out. These are the obvious problems that need to happen to an old house. Other than that, many major defects need to take care properly when those problems still have time. So, sit back, relax and take a look at some amazing discoveries we have made during our travels conducting building inspections.

Check out the serious Building Inspection Nightmares

The drainage problems of a house:

The drainage system is much vital system to make a house clean and healthy for its inhabitants. There are different kinds of drainage problems can be found in a home. Finding a pool beside the house is good, but having an underground pool in the subfloor is not a good idea at all.

Construction mistakes:

Building mistakes are one of the super common during construction. Poor communication with the contractors or poor-quality building materials may be the reason behind it. Poor building planning can also be a reason behind this. That causes severe damage to the building structure.

The DIY floor levelling issues:

Another issue is uneven floor levelling. An uneven floor can cause severe accidents. It mainly causes by the settlement in the piers to re-level the floor again. Well, this DIY is not a permanent problem solver, it helps temporarily.

When plumbing goes wrong:

Our building inspection team found a DIY toilet replacement in an old house. That was worse! Replacing a toilet may look a simple project, but it is not. It has tons of work to do. That is why it needs expert hands. A professional plumber knows how to replace a toilet.

DIY treatments to saggy roofs:

Handing a roof problem by yourself is a good and money-saving idea, but only then, when you are an expert on this business. Our investigators found a saggy roof in a building inspection and can cause severe dangerous problems in the house.

Worst deck support:

Decks just are not soothing you want to mess around. Never try to fix a deck with DIY hacks and without professional help. This can cause great danger and harm someone when a deck collapse. Make sure you realize the signs of primary deck failure or safety hazards.

Bad conditions of electric wires:

A household always needs to take eyes on the electric wires. Electricity is the most vital connection of a house. But ignore the situation of the wares can be deadly the inhabitants of the house. Never miss judge the situation of the wires.

Buying a home is indeed a huge investment, and with these mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars. Before purchasing a new or old home is totally up to you but make sure you always hire a professional licensed home inspector like us to get an exact report on a building inspection.


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