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How to be sure you are not buying a meth house?

Before making a deal and sign the agreement paper while buying a house or a new place, it’s a good and clever step to know about the past residents of the house as well as the home’s history. It will help you to take better care, as if the new place might have a sordid past that could hurt you and your family members. Meth contamination is typically invisible, more particularly in those properties that have been prepared for sale. And in Australia meth contamination and meth testing is become a very important issue. It could be a huge problem for your house.

Doing a home inspection is a good idea to check if you are buying a new house or not. Know why meth testing is important before buying a house.

What is meth and why meth testing is vital for you & your family’s health?

Methamphetamine known as meth is a strong and highly addictive drug which affects the central nervous system.

While creating or using this drug within a property, the walls and hold on to it and used to soak up the drug and its chemicals. Sometimes that drug is so highly concentrated that it can affect you and your family’s health. You and others in your family may have suffered from strong headaches or rashes or other severe health issues. Young children are mainly affected by a meth contaminated house. However, the researchers say that the effects of long-term exposer to the low concentration of the meth can change a young one’s brain development and, in the future, it can trigger the mental illness in them.

So, learn how to understand that your new home was a meth house and the initial steps to get rid of it.

Check out the unsanitary conditions

Always keep in mind that meth labs are not exactly known for their cleanliness. So, if you step into a messy property with strong bad odour, then it is a red flag to that something might be wrong with the property. Strong and deep stains in the carpet and the wall is also a robust signal of drug-using in the house.

Besides that, not every messy house is a former meth house, so hire a well-known home inspection service to make sure you invest in a good and clean house.

Former meth house has a strong odour

Finding a strong musty smell in a locked house is quite normal, but meth labs leave a robust and signature scent. So, check every corner of the property before doing the paperwork. Although doing it by yourself is not a good idea, as you are not a professional to find out any drug scent. Call a certified home inspector or a professional home inspection team to do the meth checking in your future property.

Think twice if you get the property in low amount

We all love discounts, don’t we? But getting an amazing property in a very low mount, isn’t it suspicious? Maybe the previous owner just wants to get rid of the property, so think twice if before you sign the property’s paperwork. The amazing property in lower price maybe a home for a regular drug user which could affect your family in a wrong way due to long-term damage caused by meth. So be sure do some research, check the property’s history, or you can contact licensed home inspector to all the checking for you to know it’s a good deal.

Ask in the neighbourhood

Another appropriate thing you could do is ask the neighbours to know about the property. It can be a better chance to know the neighbourhood as well as you will get all the information about the previous owners of the property and any doubtful actions that could have taken place in there.

Getting information from a police station is a good idea in case you're buying any unknown property. The local officers will definitely help you if the property has a weird history. After having confirmation from the police station, you can conduct a pre-purchase house inspection to do a double-check for making sure your investments are not going to waste.

Pre-purchase home inspection services are actually good and give you a clear idea about the house, and it is safe for you or not.


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